Gentle introduction to NTRU cryptosystem (part 1)

NTRU cryptosystem is a grandfather of lattice-based encryption schemes. The initial idea was due to Ajtai. His work evolved into a whole area of research with the goal of creating more practical, lattice-based cryptosystems, like the first NTRU-based encryption system and signature scheme due to Hoffstein, Pipher, Silverman, Howgrawe-Graham and Whyte. [Read More]

PoC: Extending BoringSSL

Motivation: number of components I’m working with are based on BoringSSL. In some cases it is necessary to use cryptographic primitives which are not available in BoringSSL (i. [Read More]

mbedTLS vs BoringSSL on ARM

Goals and assumptions Goal is to choose most suitable TLS library that could be statically linked with an application. The application will be runing on modern mobile operating system and variety of ARM CPUs. [Read More]